Throughout the ages, people have chosen to commemorate the lives of those loved, revered and respected. The common thread which has bridged civilizations and generations has been mankind’s desire to remember loved ones by erecting monuments

When the time comes to commemorate the life of someone very special, or perhaps to plan ahead for yourself, many factors should be considered. You will be purchasing something that, quite literally, will last forever.

  • Family monuments
  • Single monuments
  • Etchings
  • Mausoleums
  • Markers
  • Bronze markers
  • Family markers to match
  • Cremation memorials
  • Pet markers
  • Vases
  • Statuary
  • Porcelain photo medallions
  • Final date inscriptions
  • Monument Restoration
  • Granite and stone signage
  • Benches
  • Decorative landscape rocks
  • Bronze plaques
  • House Number Engraving
  • Brick Paver Fundraising Projects


From the widest variety of colors of granite the world has to offer, to unique shapes from a shamrock to a teddy bear, our memorials are as unique as the people they are for.

From the simple attractiveness of reasonable markers to the elegance of a private family mausoleum, Brannon Monument Co. has the expertise, ability and creativity to handle any project of request.

Upright monuments come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes:

–The horizontal tablet is wider than it is high and is usually set on a base. It can be sized to fit on one grave, two graves or a family lot.

–The vertical tablet is tall, as the name implies, and may be set on a base or directly on the foundation

. –Both horizontal and vertical tablets present ample space for inscriptions, carvings and other ornamentation.

In creating a memorial, we reflect on the life of the individual(s) who it is for. The positive remembrance or affirmation of one’s life can inspire anything from the overall design, shape, color or ornamentation. From listing children’s names or a wedding date to religious or professional symbols and even lettering styles, each memorial can be as unique and special as the person who inspires its creation

With regard to style, cemetery memorials range from simple flat, beveled or slant markers that lie on the ground, to elaborate upright monuments. Where cemetery regulations allow, memorials may also include crosses, statues, vases, and remembrance lamps.

Most memorials are made from granite. This stone is durable and is available in a wide range of colors, including black, grey, and a variety of reds, pinks, browns, greens, and blues. Other material used for memorialization include bronze and marble. Bronze is often used for flat markers and for ornamentation to granite memorials.

Similar to jewelry or clothing, granite comes in different quality levels, some of which may not be suitable for cemetery memorials. We are able to show you fine quality granites that accept different styles or lettering and ornamentation. As with many other things we purchase, keep in mind the features of quality, appearance, service and overall value in your consideration.

Our display has an extensive array of monuments. This allows you to see a variety of colors, shapes and lettering styles that are available. Pictures or brochures do not always adequately depict these important differences.


Bevel markers are low, but not flat. The come in single or double sizes and can be personalized with symbols or inscriptions.


Slant markers are midway in height between the lower bevel markers and the larger upright monuments. They offer sufficient space for highly creative personalized design.


Flat markers lie flat to the ground. Their small size naturally restricts the decoration, although we can still personalize them to your desires. They are harder to locate in the cemetery.


Other styles can include full-size grave ledgers, crosses, and garden memorials such as benches or sundials.



We have the expertise, ability, and creativity to handle any project of request.
As you browse our website, you will see some of the many different choices and selections we offer. When you stop in to visit our showroom and displays, you'll see the largest, most impressive display of memorials in the area.


Brannon Monument Co. specializes in personal and customized designs.
You can select personal choices with regard to color, shape, finish, lettering styles, design, and ornamentation. Please take some time to view some of the photographs from our large portfolio.


Today, people ar choosing to select thier monuments and cemetary lots in advance.
Pre-planning makes sense to many families and can give peace of mind not only to you, but also to the ones you love. It is perfectly logical and sensible.


Memorialization is a record and celebration of a life and of those who loved that life.
The practice of choosing cremation as an alternative to the traditional internment has not changed the public's desire to remember and honor life


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